a bug in tightvnc java library

a bug in tightvnc java library

2013/05/28 Programming 3

I found a bug for the tightvnc java library, if my setup like this

tightvnc (java) -> java proxy server -> java proxy server -> vnc server

IT doesn’t work, after I trace the code, this could caused by this line:

this.is = new DataInputStream(new BufferedInputStream(is));

In Reader.java constructor, it is called twice. You can see that if you set a breakpoint in doInBackground() in SwingRfbConnectionWorker. The BufferedInputStream will cache the bytes immediately, so if it is called two times, the cached bytes will exist in one reader instance only. So I think this is the root cause.

To fix it, please change the code to “private static DataInputStream is;”, I changed the “DataInputStream is;” to static, so make sure the buffered bytes are cached into same stream, then the bug gone.