Month: February 2014

Cinders use LV Name as the volume ID

Cinders use LV Name as the volume ID read count : 415

2014/02/28 2

Titan dev status 2014/02/24

watching youtube in remote window is smooth. Video recording function need to be enhance, at least add basic searching read count : 399

2014/02/25 0

a good html 5 video streaming tutorial read count : 254

2014/02/24 0

Restart server+cinder

When you restart the cinder node, make sure all your VG drives are up before starting tgt and cinder-volumne service. You can type “pvdisplay” command to see if there anything. Otherwise the cinder will still up and show you the storage volume, but you can’t start any vm by “nova boot”. read count : 345

2014/02/09 0

rename computer name for sharepoint 2010

after rename computer name for sharepoint 2010, need this command: read count : 280

2014/02/08 0

The titan design should reference to this

I should learn this before design the titan further read count : 366

2014/02/06 0

dev update

read count : 632

2014/02/04 0