Month: October 2014

GKD 20141011 released

Fixed a serious bug using windows bochs. In java, the function String::matched will return false when it has a ‘\r’. Download here read count : 261

2014/10/11 0

(solved) install .net 3.5 to azure windows 2012

Install the below fix will resolve this issue read count : 222

2014/10/11 0

sharepoint 2013 deploy app hang up

In visual studio, when you deploy your sharepoint app, if t hang up in “Installation is in progress”. Make sure your “SharePoint Timer Service” is running, this problem will be solved read count : 196

2014/10/09 0

GKD with windows is working

Someone comlpaint GKD dosen’t work with Bochs in windows. Because the bochs path has space. I just tested it in windows 7, this issue doesn’t exist. read count : 319

2014/10/09 0

command to connect sharepoint 2013 to office web apps server

First, do these in office web apps server Second, do these in sharepoint server read count : 305

2014/10/09 0

openocd with arm is working

openocd with arm is working read count : 241

2014/10/05 0

openjtag + openocd + smartarm 2200

Finally connect my openjtag usb device to my old smartarm 2200 development board using openocd. The next step is buy a x86 dev board (intel galileo) and try to use openocd with it. Then port peter-bochs to support openocd, finally i will have a hardware debug platform for os dev. is a development board…
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