Month: May 2018

I think there is a bug in Intel Manual

In the intel manual “Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer’s Manual Volume 2 (2A, 2B, 2C & 2D): Instruction Set Reference, A-Z”, section 2.1.5, table 2-1, i think it is a bug read count : 15

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What is ISA (Instruction set architecture) ?

From the book Embedded Computing, it has a ISA chapter, below is the summary of “what is ISA” ISA helps compiler’s life easy. Hardware engineer often saving a few gates or some code, but that hurt the design of compiler ISA can both hide and expose key implementation details to the programmer or compiler Process…
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Building a small workflow using Microsoft Flow

I am building a small workflow using Microsoft flow to auto move the Nintex status email from my inbox to a SharePoint list. I found out some advantages of Flows than Nintex workflows. First it support a debug button to either : replay the last trigger or halt the workflow and want for you trigger.…
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Netbeans console has no color, but has color in my other Mac

Netbeans console has no color, but has color in my other Mac. Both Mac OS are same, JDK same too. Don’t know why. The code i use to print color text are: read count : 16

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Is is real Buddha photo? He looks like a Chinese

I don’t think Buddha looks like a Chinese instead of an Indian 🙂 read count : 39

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The definition of a toolchain

This book from Shatin Library has a definition of toolchain. A toolchain should contains: Compiler Assembler Libraries Linker Post-link optimizer Run-time program loader simulator Debugger and monitor Automated Test System (Makefile ?) Profiling tools Binary Utilities read count : 21

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寫Assembly用到Marco就試過N次,之前都係用到點就學到邊,無了解過佢嘅邊界,而家差唔多去到要為自己嘅assembler研發marco,所以要先睇下HLA嘅Marco大約可以做到啲乜。沙田圖書館係有唔少好書。 書中講左句: 啲人係用Assembler嘅Marco有幾勁黎判斷個assembler有幾勁,無錯,啲人確實係甘諗。以下就係關於assembler功能上嘅總結: Compile Time Operators. (E.g. : +-*/, <<, >> =, <>) Operator Precedence and Associativity (E.g. : !, -, div, mod) Compile Time Functions Type conversion Numeric functions Character-Classification functions (E.g. : isAlpha, isDigit, isSpace) String functions Symbol information (E.g. : @size, @define @typeName, @elements, @elementSize) Misc compile time functions (E.g. : @odd,…
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Microsoft workflow foundation係幾勁嘅, 不過香港少人知

Microsoft workflow foundation係幾勁嘅, 不過香港少人知。成套野包哂所有你要做一個完workflow engine嘅framework。Nintex係由WF做出黎就足以證明呢套野係work嘅!SharePoint個workflow engine係建基於workflow foundation上,了解WF同SharePoint workflow嘅分別從而推考到佢嘅好處同缺點就係學習SharePoint最堅實嘅方法,係一種深刻反醒佢本質嘅正確手法。 read count : 35

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The setting to identify an SPO/Onprem project for spfx

In file .yo-rc.json, the value of “environment” is either “spo” or “onprem”, it identify your project is on-premises or sharepoint online. If you want to create extension, you have to use “spo” { “@microsoft/generator-sharepoint”: { “version”: “1.4.1”, “libraryName”: “quantr-express”, “libraryId”: “1a6a217f-6fb8-44b4-981f-35d0ebe7025b”, “environment”: “onprem” } } read count : 12

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My notes on command set development for SPO

current list id : current list title : this.context.pageContext.list.title for (let row of event.selectedRows) { let itemId: number = row.getValueByName(‘ID’); Dialog.alert(`${itemId}`); } Get current user email : import * as strings from ‘SpfxCloneCommandSetStrings’; this._fieldTypesToIgnore = new Array( strings.typeCounter, strings.typeContentType, strings.typeAttachments, strings.typeModStat, strings.typeComputed ); this._fieldsToIgnore = new Array( strings.fieldModified, strings.fieldCreated, strings.fieldAuthor, strings.fieldEditor, strings.field_HasCopyDestinations, strings.field_CopySource,…
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I think i found an azure bug

I think i found an azure bug, the ftp option is disappear when i create a “NodeJS Empty web” app service. read count : 19

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read count : 47

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Sample SVG with drag element

read count : 13

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m8 vs m16

The reason nasm need to add the keyword “byte” in “adc byte [si], 0x12” is that in intel manual, m8 and m16 are same, so without this keyword the assembler don’t know what you want for. read count : 19

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