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New way to do VM migration

To migrate VMs to different compute node is easy, simply hold your ctrl key and select VMs, drag & drop them to a new compute server. But now it support more feature, when you release the mouse, it will popup a windows to select “migrate now” or “thru titan script”. If you select titan script, it popup a windows for you to select the script you want to execute before/during migration. The titan script can do many things, such as filter out the VM based on some dynamic parameters (network usage/cpu usage/etc…), execute additional process during migration. This help people to group repetitive migration tasks in one single titan script, provide some automations.

Drag & drop - migration
Drag & drop – migration

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Openstack 4th birthday party in cyberport

Openstack 4th party, i got a counter to demo Titan, thanks Cyberport. Titan language will be demo after September. People seems more interested in Titan management tool rather than the Titan portal.


Openstack community director - Mr Ben
Openstack community director – Mr Ben
Thanks Cyberport !!! I got a free counter for demo :-)
Thanks Cyberport !!! I got a free counter for demo 🙂

openstach-4th-party-2014-07-04-16.00 openstach-4th-party-2014-07-04-15.48

It has wireless
It has wireless

openstach-4th-party-2014-07-04-16.26-3 openstach-4th-party-2014-07-04-16.26-2

Ubuntu server
Ubuntu server


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How titan connect to kvm’s vnc through titan server via java object stream

I nearly don’t understand the code I wrote 6 months ago about the vnc connection. It is a little complex, the basic idea is : Titan server create a proxy server to the kvm’s vnc. Titan server is using java object stream to communicate with client, it wrap all the bytes from the object stream to kvm’s vnc server through the proxy server that created by the “proxy” command.

titan proxy server to vnc
titan proxy server to vnc

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Titan portal

Developing the titan portal, which is for hosting company’s customers. If you want to build a hosting company using openstack, you definitely need a portal for your customer to provide operations.

Titan portal
Titan portal
Titan portal 2
Titan portal 2

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Titan Language Rhapsody

Titan Language Rhapsody

begin tran;

var myCloud as Cloud
var vm=myCloud.createVM(cpu=1, mem=2GB, public_ip=dhcp);

var trigger1 as Trigger;
trigger1.addSensor(‘cpu>80%, duration>10s’);
trigger1.addSensor(‘memory>80%, duration>10s’);
trigger1.addAction(new Action(ACTION.SCALE_UP, 1));


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Restart server+cinder

When you restart the cinder node, make sure all your VG drives are up before starting tgt and cinder-volumne service. You can type “pvdisplay” command to see if there anything. Otherwise the cinder will still up and show you the storage volume, but you can’t start any vm by “nova boot”.

Mount volume in vm
Mount volume in vm

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