Month: October 2016

Quantum physics and “rules”

Quantum physicist said even the smallest things are so random and unpredictable, when the number of thing is high enough, it will come out a stable “average value”, when is “order”. So why micro economic make sense?

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my crazy kmalloc bug

i was assume the continous linear addresses are in same 2nd level page table, so i was in shit for few months. The probabilities of this bug is 1/4096, hard to discover. kmalloc-bug

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Stock data filtering

I need to filter all stock/index data into different table/database engine for further analysis, because it is huge amount of records. So far I have basic monitor tool to monitor all grabbers, but i need more advance tool to monitor so much real time data.

stockmonitor filtering engine


stock monitor
stock monitor

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When malloc has a bug

When malloc has a bug that not always happen, OS becoming crazy and very very hard to debug. I added “custom panel” in GKD to help me to analyst the behavior of each step of the malloc code, it is a great improvement but still super hard to debug.


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