Netbeans R plugins with Rserve

Netbeans R plugins with Rserve. Rserve can interact with R using Java, huge ability to hock things in R. Heading to the first release of the R plugin. Anyone want to join the team, email me, Peter (

Below are the first release features

  1. Syntax highlight, done, i think at least better than R-studio
  2. Function parameters popip, R-studio is totally useless at this point, it show up all R functions instead of the parameter list of the current function.
  3. R console, half done. I was using pipeline to create a R shell. Changing to us Rserve.
  4. Plot view. I am doing this
  5. Help/History window. Not start yet.
  6. Environment to see current defined variables. Not start yet.

The goals:

  1. Create a complete environment for people to run and debug R
  2. Add profiling feature, display performance in each line
  3. Compete with R-studio, get more users to use Netbeans. R-studio is simple and lots of places we can do better.
  4. Add support for Clouds. AWS/Azure
  5. Add support for frameworks, Hadoop/Spark
Syntax highlight is more nice than R-studio

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