[Solved] Pentaho kettle is unable to run in mac

Pentaho kettle is unable to run in mac if you click on “Data Integration.app”, you will have this error LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed with error -10810 for the file /Users/peter/Downloads/data-integration/Data Integration.app. run the follow command will fix it.┬ádata-integration is the unzipped folder of kettle.

xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine data-integration

The above error is fixed, but double click on “Data Integration.app” still nothing. Edit spoon.command, add the line in red

cd `dirname $0`# if a BASE_DIR argument has been passed to this .command, use it
if [ -n “$1” ] && [ -d “$1” ] && [ -x “$1” ]; then
echo “DEBUG: Using value ($1) from calling script”
cd “$1”

export JAVA_HOME=’/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_131.jdk/Contents/Home’

cd `dirname $0`

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