Compile GKD

Here are steps to compile GKD. GKD is depends on some my other projects, all are open source and written in Java & maven. So just do “mvn clean install” in every of them.

Check out these projects in order, don’t download the jar, checkout the source code and then run “mvn clean install” on every of them, this will install these libraries for you to compile GKD


Finally, get GKD source from

1) execute the command in installJar.txt
2) run “mvn clean package”, you will have a GKDxxxxx.jar in your target folder, now you are ready to run it.
3) download thisĀ sample vm to test GKD
4) cd to the unzipped folder, runĀ “java -jar GKD-20150124.jar -f gkd_bochs.xml”
5) read gkd_bochs.xml, then you know everything.

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