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Netbeans talk in Cocoon seminar

Netbeans talk in Codeaholics seminar. A lots of people, i have demo to people create a simple plugin to extends Netbeans is just so easy.

2018/03/17 0

Netbeans lexer problem : Fix the lexer to not return null token in this state

I have met the problem “Fix the lexer to not return null token in this state.” (see below) and used one week to fix it by hacking netbeans source code. I found out Netbeans will not pass the whole file to lexer to parse. So if your antlr grammar used “skip” syntax, it has a…
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2018/03/13 0

Solved : “these characters need to be tokenized” for netbeans lang development

When developing highlight for new language, the antlr grammar has to return all tokens, you can’t skip token, otherwise your netbeans will throw this exception:

2018/03/10 0

Netbeans dev – file template iterator

This setting can define a new JPanel for new file creation.$maven2@org.netbeans.modules$org-netbeans-modules-cnd-asm@RELEASE712@org$netbeans$modules$cnd$asm$core$resources$layer.xml

2018/03/09 0

First draft of netbeans quick outline plugin

First draft of netbeans quick outline plugin, click ctrl-p / command-p in mac, then click on any row to jump to there. I think using table instead of tree is much better than eclipse. Also, eclipse show a lot of different icons (local var, global var, final var, etc…). It is useless and confusing our…
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2018/02/26 2

Netbeans quick outline

Eclipse quick outline is just so convenient, after i press command-O shortcut, i can type in keyword to filter the function/variable i want, then just click enter to jump to it. In netbeans, when i press cmomand-7, it opens navigator window which is similar to eclipse one, but it doesn’t support filtering and sometime can…
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2018/02/26 0

Met java bug JDK-8055829 in netbeans module

I am calling below code in netbeans, and it failed to retrieve any cookies from server. If i run these code in standalone, it got no problem. This only happen in Mac, to fix this by adding “CookieHandler.setDefault(null);” , see more detail

2017/10/08 0

Netbeans antlr plugin great enhancement

I embed the Jgraphx library to netbeans antlr to provide interactive with the parser-tree. Now, the development methodology is: Create a g4 file Set the compile target, netbeans antlr plugin will real time generate a parser from your g4 file and try to parse the target file One the compile is success, that means your…
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2017/09/26 0

Netbeans anltr alpha version is done

Netbeans anltr alpha version is done, now you can keep changing your g4, it real time generate a parser to parser your specified file, generate the parser tree graph at the bottom. What i will do is: you click on any text on your target file, if highlight the node in the graph, so you…
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2017/09/24 0

Netbeans antlr can real time compile your g4 and test it using the selected target file

Netbeans antlr can real time compile your g4 and test it using the selected target file. If something goes wrong, it display the error messages at bottom window.

2017/09/17 0

My netbeans antlr plugin will do this: select the file you want to compile (see the combo box above), when you editing the .g4 file, it keep using the latest g4 to compile to file you have selected, and see the result in the bottom window. Is it a good design?

2017/09/17 0

Code to get all TopComponents and EditorPanes in netbeans

Code to get all TopComponents in netbeans, here is very useful link

2017/09/16 0

Very good introduction to netbeans lookup

Very nice

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