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發現左一個可以玩殘你嘅咪記大bug,如果你寫sharepoint兼用typescript但係又想用jquery, 你好可能會用: import * as $ from ‘jquery’; 如果嗰畫面得一個webpart,甘你會無事,如果有多個webpart(見下圖),你reload幾次就會撞到有一次某幾個webpart無哂野,因為jquery撞左,網上有啲友話係config.json個externals加返jquery呢一招我試過唔得。但我撞到有一招係work嘅:

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Simplest websocket with nodejs example

1. express –view=ejs myspp 2. var server = http.createServer(app); 3. Source : myapp

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插一百萬行record, Redis比H2慢太多,H2只需要七秒,redis用了40秒,為什麼用c++寫出來的redis會比用java寫出來的h2慢這麼多的? NoSQL不是比傳統database爽快的嗎?

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Solved: vscode [tslint] ‘ should be ” (quotemark)

To solve “[tslint] ‘ should be ” (quotemark)” when developing spfx webpart using visual studio code, do these: open config/tslint.json add {     “$schema”: “”,     // Display errors as warnings     “displayAsWarning”: false,     // The TSLint task may have been configured with several custom lint rules     // before this config file is read (for example lint rules…
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SPfx on-premises solution is lagging behind to SPO

極嚴重, sharepoint framework個generator仲停留緊係1.1.0俾on-premises, 而sharepoint online已經去到1.5.0, 兩個世界再次被split開而咪記班友無意慾修正。千其唔可以sell啲客一個solution做哂sharepoint online同埋未來嘅sharepoint 2019, 死硬 !!!

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IT人嘅朵與Framework guideline

一本由framework作者寫的framework設計手則書,內容由作者的角度講出設計framework的重點,思路同手則,如果要寫一份doc去形容自己出黎嘅framework可以參考下呢本書的鋪排: 第一章 : 什麼是好的framework,作者們由自己嘅經驗去給一個定義今大家知道這一次他的設計會顧及那些方面,包括”設計要簡單”,”整合性強”,”設計一致”,等等。 第二章:principle, 架構設計需知 第三四五六七章:落地嘅架構 IT人嘅朵 呢本書集合哂.net framework嘅猛人,人地講自己嘅介紹時會有以下幾點: 做嘅project用左啲乜野技術,例如有位叫Jan Gray嘅人話自己搞compiler包括左semantics, runtime object model, precompiled headers, PDBs等等技術。而香港IT人係linkedin上面笪朵係唔會講到甘深入,通常係甘二講下個project名就算數。 人地會講清楚係咩team到負責咩野,例如係c# language design team負責xml部份嘅parser設計,而香港人笪朵會話係咩team帶緊幾多百人,間公司好幾global,係啲乜乜實實IT協會嘅人,睇完根本都唔知佢係邊一種技術嘅專家(其實係無) 人地笪朵會有佢個blog條link,香港人有blog? 人地會話係msdn雜誌到做過編輯,香港人就連msdn都唔會睇,哈哈

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Autotool太複雜,個人認為它阻礙了system programming的發展應該給斷除。AutoTool由三大組件所構成:autoconf, automake和libtool。Autoconf是由autoconf, autoreconf, autoheader, autoscan, autoupdate, ifnames, autom4te, m4指令所合成,automake由automake和aclocal指令合成,libtool則由libtool, libtoolize, ltdl等指令所構成。它們之間也沒有一個統一個使用標準,就是說你可以自己去判斷用那些指令去構建你的build system,所以學習難度非常之大也不統一。所以根本學唔掂,你可以隨便git一個開源項目試下改一下它的autoconf就會知道。

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Remove the “Logging” menu from putty

Below are the steps to remove the “Logging” menu from putty Download windows source from putty website, don’t clone from the github because it missing Search for “Windows source archive” in Comment out line 1488 to 1543 in config.c which in the root folder (see below image) cd windows nmake -f If everything…
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Building a small workflow using Microsoft Flow

I am building a small workflow using Microsoft flow to auto move the Nintex status email from my inbox to a SharePoint list. I found out some advantages of Flows than Nintex workflows. First it support a debug button to either : replay the last trigger or halt the workflow and want for you trigger.…
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The definition of a toolchain

This book from Shatin Library has a definition of toolchain. A toolchain should contains: Compiler Assembler Libraries Linker Post-link optimizer Run-time program loader simulator Debugger and monitor Automated Test System (Makefile ?) Profiling tools Binary Utilities

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The setting to identify an SPO/Onprem project for spfx

In file .yo-rc.json, the value of “environment” is either “spo” or “onprem”, it identify your project is on-premises or sharepoint online. If you want to create extension, you have to use “spo” { “@microsoft/generator-sharepoint”: { “version”: “1.4.1”, “libraryName”: “quantr-express”, “libraryId”: “1a6a217f-6fb8-44b4-981f-35d0ebe7025b”, “environment”: “onprem” } }

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My notes on command set development for SPO

current list id : current list title : this.context.pageContext.list.title for (let row of event.selectedRows) { let itemId: number = row.getValueByName(‘ID’); Dialog.alert(`${itemId}`); } Get current user email : import * as strings from ‘SpfxCloneCommandSetStrings’; this._fieldTypesToIgnore = new Array( strings.typeCounter, strings.typeContentType, strings.typeAttachments, strings.typeModStat, strings.typeComputed ); this._fieldsToIgnore = new Array( strings.fieldModified, strings.fieldCreated, strings.fieldAuthor, strings.fieldEditor, strings.field_HasCopyDestinations, strings.field_CopySource,…
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m8 vs m16

The reason nasm need to add the keyword “byte” in “adc byte [si], 0x12” is that in intel manual, m8 and m16 are same, so without this keyword the assembler don’t know what you want for.

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Hook a new url and new post type

It can be done by calling “register_post_type()”

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Finally deployed nodejs+express to azure

Finally deployed nodejs+express to azure, I failed a fews time using the examples and . The easiest steps for me are: 1. Create the App service manually in Azure portal 2. Create you express 3. Ftp to the app service. 4. Download server.js , copy content from bin/www to it and modify “var…
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My default vscode setting


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Data analyst talk in HKU 2018/03/17

Data analyst talk in HKU 2018/03/17

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I like this syntax

use a style as a tag, love it

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Token table is constructed by lexer, not parser

Netbeans Antlr Plugin’s Token table is constructed by lexer, not parser. So even your grammar is wrong, you still know what your text are being recognised into tokens.

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We will launch quantr partner central soon

We will send out lot of free/cheap webpart to the market, we need a partner central for our partners to manage all license keys and deliver customer services. Here is some concept screens.

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SharePoint Online with webhocks

Thanks to MS tech community people, the webhocks solution is the key for SPfx to add remote event receiver function to SharePoint Online.

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Bimodal distribution

Studying Bimodal distribution, but don’t know what function can detect that in R

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why one-column in SharePoint online is not full width

why one-column in SharePoint online is not full width? why one-column in SharePoint online has a fixed max-width and not adjustable? I don’t understand why Microsoft put such a hardcode setting

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unsolved : site column does not refresh

When i redeploy my SharePonit spfx extension, the new site column name never refresh. I tried to delete the app and redeploy the app. Or even change the version number in package-solution.json. It is no hope. The steps i pack the sppkg file are: This issue is reported to github

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Microsoft doc is MAD for sharepoint spfx dev

Microsoft doc teach us to hard code the cdn path with tenant name, first, it is wrong, if we want to deploy our webpart to office365 cdn, just leave it as “cdnBasePath”: “” , see the below image. Second, even we follow the doc to hardcode the cdn path, it doesn’t work !!! See my…
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Office 365 cdn sometime is slow

Deployed a webpart to office 365, it pop out an error, it is just because office cdn is slow and the javascript is not updated yet. All we have to do is wait.

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I am very good at developing SharePoint modern webpart now

I am very good at developing SharePoint modern webpart now, below is my learning curve for you to reference. I know nodejs 2 years ago but i didn’t take any commerical project for that, so my nodejs skill is not very hands-on. I spent two days to review everything i need to start nodejs programming.…
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icon will not distort in v1.4 sharepoint sdk

When you are creating modern webpart, you need to upgrade your node modules to v1.4 manually by “npm updated” and “npm install –save @microsoft/sp-build-web@latest”, icon will not distort in v1.4 sharepoint sdk now.

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Just tried Powerapps to build form in SharePoint Online

My first impression is, powerapps doesn’t support safari and i am in mac. I found a few bugs. The form designer is fast but if compare the functionalities to Nintex or AgilePoint, it still lacks of advance features, such as custom javascript, custom layout.

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Good morning AgilePoint

Training Wilson on Saturday morning to develop agilepart for v5. We can now develop it, but we have some unknown questions: 1. We can only create agilepart project in vs2010, but vs2010 failed to open it, then we use vs2017 to open and dev, it is wried. 2. Everytime we change code, we need to…
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mvn versions:display-dependency-updates command has bug

mvn versions:display-dependency-updates command has bug, it found a non-exist version number. There is no 8.0.9 version in the maven central repository.

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Agilepoint v5 manual is here

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Break through agilepoint v5 smtp authentication problem

I can’t successfully config agilepoint to send email through smtp server with authentication. I finally able to find the project template in visual studio 2010 to create my own email stub. Still trying !

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