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newlib linker script summary for you own executable

After i build my newlib by “../newlib-2.1.0/configure –target=$TARGET –prefix=$PREFIX”, except the libc.a and crt0.o, i got these linker scripts. I am still thinking which one i should use for my own executables in my OS. elf_i386.x Default linker script, for normal executables elf_i386.xbn Script for -N: mix text and data on same page; don’t align…
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2015/10/23 0

YEAH, page tables is ok now

After 100 times of failure, i finally loaded a exe into an independent address space (independent page tables and LDT). I meet all kind of failures: wrong page directory, wrong page table, wrong virtual address mapping, wrong code selector, wrong LDT, etc…

2015/10/22 1

A guide to how the FreeBSD kernel manages the IA32 processors in Protected Mode

Download : A guide to how the FreeBSD kernel manages the IA32 processors in Protected Mode

2015/09/29 0

Kernel can load up all segments to correct v-addr and p-addr now

Kernel can load up all segments to correct v-addr and p-addr now

2015/09/29 0

Tutorial : import svn with all history into github

Tutorial : import svn with all history into github Step 1) Create a project on github Step 2) Init the github project by : Step 3) git clone <— replace your project url Step 4) cd to that directory Step 5)  user and run: Step 6) svn2git –rebase Step 7) git pull Step…
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2015/09/22 0

All svn history for peter-bochs debugger

Its time to keep track of all history, peter-bochs change svn server for a few times. Here are all svn history: peter-bochs-self-host  <– peter-bochs svn history hosted in my own server peter-bochs-google <– peter-bochs svn history hosted in google code gkd <– peter-bochs renamed to GKD, svn history hosted in my own server

2015/09/22 0

Netbeans – Maven Runner

Eclipse has a great plugin call “Eclipse runner” , i found out netbeans doesn’t have any similar one. So i develop one for netbeans. You can add maven goals under the tree node of any project. Double click the goal name will run maven in netbeans. You can download it from, or search “Maven…
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2015/09/16 5

ported libelf

finally ported libel to my os, my linker script won’t warn me I crossed the kernel boundary. So libelf’s variables becoming exist in a memory area that they shouldn’t be there.

2015/09/13 0

This battery save my apple magic mouse

When you change your mouse from logitech mouse to magic mouse, the first feeling is that magic mouse is much much heavier. This battery save my apple magic mouse, although it has lesser mah, but it is 5 times lighter than normal battery, so i much my magic mouse much lighter weight. And it is only…
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2015/09/08 0

Enable peter-swing theme in netbeans

Edit : /Applications/NetBeans/NetBeans Change the line to:

2015/09/06 0

Enhancement of the OS debug format, support scripting

OS debug format is a xml based document stays in memory of the emulator, brining out the debug information in real time to the debugger, make the debugger understand what data structure they want to debug. In the early stage of kernel debugger, people rely on printk to dump out the debug information. At that…
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2015/09/05 0

Originally from , it is a super professional article that explain the LD process. 08 Jan 2015 by David Corvoysier A few months ago I stumbled upon a linking problem with secondary dependencies I couldn’t solved without overlinking the corresponding libraries. I only realized today in a discussion with my friend Yann E. Morin that not only did I use the…
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2015/09/02 0

Amazing recording feature by specific which code-block you want to record

In the original GKD design, it works with bochs instrumentation. Being helped ( by the author of bochs (Mr Stanislav Shwartsman ) emulator, now we can use the prefetch instruction to specific which code-block you want to record, it becomes even more useful now. Every code surrounded by PREFETCHT0 and PREFETCHT1 instruction, GKD will record jumping instruction…
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2015/08/20 0

handling exception 7

the easiest way to handle exception 7 is to execute clts then iret. My kernel was crashed because it generated a exception 0x7.

2015/08/19 0

GKD can dump the exceptions now

GKD can dump the exceptions now, it helps me to trace what happened to my kernel

2015/08/13 0

hard to theme netbeans perfectly

It is hard to theme netbeans using traditional swing look & feel. The reason is netbean’s tab container is not traditional swing JTabbedPane. See the post Netbeans use a AbstractViewTabDisplayerUI to support only few “default look & feel”, such as Metal, Nimbus, Aqua. see below: The problem is : This default look & feel tab container…
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2015/08/06 0

Peter-swing java look & feel

2015/08/03 0

grub is slow on bochs

if grub is running slowly on bochs, try to add “–no-rs-codes” to your grub-bios-setup command. It will be 0.5 sec versus 5 seconds different.

2015/08/02 0

gcc can’t handle too much #if macro

gcc can’t handle too much macro (#if, #define), the output dwarf will have wrong line number. So when you disassemble the assembly with c/c++ source, everything are wrong, including wrong line number, wrong assembly code to c source code, duplicated c/c++ line.   In GKD, i add an on/off button to filter out those…
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2015/08/02 1