Month: December 2012

A x86 java disassembler from Maxine Project

I have been asking for a java x86 disassembler library for a long time, i finally found “Maxine” project from oracle, it is a VM project with built-in a x86 assembler written Java. I git-ed the source and compile them in eclipse, it works!, here is the source and screenshot. source : maxine_disassembler read count…
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2012/12/27 0

Lowest 7 levels of /lib, /bin, /usr/bin, /usr/lib

No recursive /bin /lib /usr/bin /usr/lib read count : 382

2012/12/24 0

Peter-bochs – State chart diagram

read count : 388

2012/12/22 0

How to change Fedora’s font rendering to get an Ubuntu-like result

Font rendering is a matter of taste. However, I personally think Ubuntu’s default font rendering is the most eye-pleasing one of the whole Linux eco-system. And if a website’s CSS font stack is looking good on Ubuntu, you can be relatively sure that it also works for Mac or MS Windows as long as the used fonts are available on these…
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2012/12/13 4

qemu-kvm’s library dependencies

chrome’s library dependencies read count : 523

2012/12/11 0

chrome’s library dependencies

chrome’s library dependencies read count : 230

2012/12/11 0

The way i compile elfutils

autoheader aclocal -I m4 autoconf automake -a -c ./configure make read count : 467

2012/12/10 0

my .vimrc

read count : 251

2012/12/10 0

get out of the keying trouble when you start chrome in fedora 17

just add “–password-store=basic” in the option you start chrome. read count : 237

2012/12/09 0

A great qemu development link read count : 341

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