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WordPress Theme to support post-views-counter

To make the plugin works, need to call wp_footer() in footer.php

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多謝hkcota同oshk安排, 今次台灣可以係coscup 2023講個talk實在開心.

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PNP create a new list get 403 access denied

Create a new list in SPO via PNPjs will get 403 access denied, run this script to solve it

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Load jar and dynamically create object from it

Two maven project, project A load the project B jar, create the object dynamically and invoke the method Project A: Project A: Project B:

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WordPress Component

To redesign our first app engine, we reference WordPress. This is its loading sequence

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Change SP list into MS list

just add “?env=WebViewList” at the end of URL

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Very good micro python board

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Tiny STM32 board (STM32F103C8T6) STM32F103C8T6

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Great ByteBuddy tutorial

refer to

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Solved: SharePoint 2019 ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR 

Navigate to the registry key 2.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\HTTP\Parameters. Add 2 new REG_DWORD values, EnableHttp2Tls and EnableHttp2Cleartext, to this registry key. Set both values to 0. Reboot the server  refer to

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SharePoint Error: apps are turned off

Solved by these commands

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Convert 64 bits binary string to BigInteger and maintain the sign

The first and third method converted successfully with sign. The second one fail. The reason 3rd way working is : It convert to biginteger and convert to long (then we have sign),then convert back to biginteger (also with sign)

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Don’t use “skip” in antlr grammar for netbeans syntax highlight

use “channel (HIDDEN)” instead of “skip”, otherwise the netbeans will throw exception.

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validate() in TableCellRenderer affect performance in windows

validate() in TableCellRenderer affect performance in windows, just read the source code of DefaultTableCellRenderer, just override it with empty function body will increase huge performance. Only windows affect this, mac and linux wont.

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SharePoint Online奇怪現象

呼叫SharePoint Online Restful api時,如果ISPHttpClientOptions是空一樣能成功,但返回之時間值會錯timezone

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Nice book

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A very good provision tutorial

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spfx v1.12因為太多bug強行下架

spfx v1.12因為太多bug所以咪記已經強行下架而家變返v1.11, 之前用左v1.12請人手downgrade。玩咪記野跟車太貼有一定風險。

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支持本土, 寫Program用香港人嘅字體

「昭源黑體」唔錯 !!!

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Build vscode, host it localhost and run it in browser Visual Studio Code 是微软推出的一款轻量级编辑器,与它一起在市场争锋的相似软件还有 Atom 和 Sublime Text,面世第二年的它只占据 7% 左右的市场,后来在短短三年时间雄踞了半壁江山,不可谓不哇塞。 发育如此强势的软件,背后到底是如何设计的,未来一段时间,我将带着你一点一点拨开她的面纱,再撩开她的裙摆。 下载源码 Visual Studio Code 简称 VSCode,需要注意的是,平时我们使用的 VSCode 那是产品,而下面我们要介绍的是源码,产品是源码的构建结果;源码使用的 MIT License,而产品使用的是这个 MICROSOFT SOFTWARE LICENSE TERMS,如果你想把 VSCode 用于商用,建议从源码构建出新的产品,而不是直接使用人家官网上提供下载链接的 VSCode Product。 官网地址是 源码在这里:。 我们先把源码 down 下来: git clone –depth 1 由于 VSCode 项目过于活跃,提交量非常庞大,到目前为止,已经有 56,092 次提交了,建议在下载源码的时候加了一句 –depth 1,意思就是只现在最近一次 commit 的代码。 30s 后……71M,不慢。 安装依赖 在安装依赖之前,我们不妨稍微分析下 VSCode 的项目结构, ➜ vscode (master) tree -L…
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Power Automate Desktop

Power Automate Desktop有好強烈嘅”Variable”氣息, 呢一點會令好多Programmer所喜愛. 加上佢對傳統Programming嘅範式有好正嘅一對一支持, 特別令Programmer容易上手, 就算係一啲初級嘅Programmer都會覺得好就手. 加上咪記黎緊會加強佢嘅SDK支持同加深自己產品線嘅整合, 所以UIPath今次玩完了.

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Office Nodejs SDK走向統一

之前都仲有分Office/Excel/Word唔同嘅App有唔同嘅Task Panel, 而家統一哂. 同埋Object都統一用埋叫”Document”

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WordPress Plugin : Google drive album

Display images google drive in your WordPRess.

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Netbeans antlr plugin can format antlr source file

My netbeans antlr plugin finally can format antlr source code

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Netbeans bug

Netbeans 11.3 + JDK 13.0.2 + FlatLaf Light theme. Missing character “l” in the package name. If mouse over, tooptip shows correct name.

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Pnp provision framework

Pnp provision framework has these steps: 01/20 – Regional Settings02/20 – Supported UI Languages03/20 – Audit Settings04/20 – Site Security05/20 – Fields06/20 – Content Types07/20 – List instances08/20 – Features09/20 – Page Contents10/20 – Client Side Page Contents11/20 – Site Header12/20 – Site Footer13/20 – Property bag entries14/20 – Workflows15/20 – Web Settings16/20 – Site…
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6 hours to fix my antlr netbeans plugin

Used near 6 hours to fix my netbeans-antlr plugin. I have to remember these: Netbeans build in antlr library have to in-sync with the antlr i am using in my pluging. If they in different version, unexpected result will come out. In windows, if antlr grammar has some mistakes (I meant not problems, your grammar…
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