Month: April 2014

Miglayout has bug? JPanel doens’t grow

Miglayout has bug? JPanel doens’t grow, but for JButton or JTextField, they can.

2014/04/26 1

Eclipse CDT too many semantic errors

If you have too many “semantic error” in eclipse CDT, such like this   You can switch it off in project properties but unblock “Syntax and Semantic Errors”

2014/04/22 0

Found a bug in ndisasm

Type this command, ndisasm will hang (I guess it eat up all 4GB address space, disassemble offset starts at 0xfffffff0, which is very high address). My version is “NDISASM version 2.11.02 compiled on Apr 9 2014”, running on mac mavericks. temp file : temp.bin The bug is filed here

2014/04/21 1

gdb protocol, “g” command

This is the tcpflow dump for the gdb protocol “g” command, it contains all register values. Let’s parse it: After the trace: target.c::debug_print_register gdbarch.c::gdbarch_register_name i386-tdep.c::i386_register_names The register packet can be decode by:

2014/04/19 0

GKD progress 2014/04/14

Still working on the stub. Refactor the whole project and adding one more layer (add debugger stub to support different emulators) to the architecture, all are very hard and time consuming, even the whole project is developed by me. But this experience make be serious to the project-initial-design. Architecture is *important* !!!

2014/04/14 0

dot in mac and linux produce different kind of ortho edge

dot in mac and linux produce different kind of ortho edge. I think the dot version affected it. Here is dot version in linux: Here is dot version in mac:

2014/04/06 1

Titan Language Rhapsody

Titan Language Rhapsody begin tran; var myCloud as Cloud var vm=myCloud.createVM(cpu=1, mem=2GB, public_ip=dhcp); vm.wait(VM.RUNNING); var trigger1 as Trigger; trigger1.addSensor(‘cpu>80%, duration>10s’); trigger1.addSensor(‘memory>80%, duration>10s’); trigger1.addAction(new Action(ACTION.SCALE_UP, 1)); vm.addTrigger(trigger1; commit;

2014/04/06 0