Month: May 2015

Successfully decode .eh_frame

Successfully decode .eh_frame, now able to calculate the base offset of each parameter, can keep going on profiling feature of GKD

2015/05/27 0

objdump 2.24 has bug

objdump 2.24 has bug, but this bug is fixed in 2.25. It dump the wrong address for my 32 bits kernel.

2015/05/22 1

Decoded first two instructions of .eh_frame

Decoded first two instructions of .eh_frame, dwarf spec is lack of detail, need to hack into the objdump to understand each byte, it is time consuming.

2015/05/12 1

binutils compile error

If you compiling binutils and have these error, just remove d-exp.c and try again. d-exp.c should be generated by d-exp.y but binutils makefile won’t delete it during “make distclean”

2015/05/03 0