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Month: May 2018


寫Assembly用到Marco就試過N次,之前都係用到點就學到邊,無了解過佢嘅邊界,而家差唔多去到要為自己嘅assembler研發marco,所以要先睇下HLA嘅Marco大約可以做到啲乜。沙田圖書館係有唔少好書。 書中講左句: 啲人係用Assembler嘅Marco有幾勁黎判斷個assembler有幾勁,無錯,啲人確實係甘諗。以下就係關於assembler功能上嘅總結: Compile Time Operators. (E.g. : +-*/, <<, >> =, <>) Operator Precedence and Associativity (E.g. : !, -, div, mod) Compile Time Functions Type conversion Numeric functions Character-Classification functions (E.g. : isAlpha, isDigit, isSpace) String functions Symbol information (E.g. : @size, @define @typeName, @elements, @elementSize) Misc compile time functions (E.g. : @odd, […]

Microsoft workflow foundation係幾勁嘅, 不過香港少人知

Microsoft workflow foundation係幾勁嘅, 不過香港少人知。成套野包哂所有你要做一個完workflow engine嘅framework。Nintex係由WF做出黎就足以證明呢套野係work嘅!SharePoint個workflow engine係建基於workflow foundation上,了解WF同SharePoint workflow嘅分別從而推考到佢嘅好處同缺點就係學習SharePoint最堅實嘅方法,係一種深刻反醒佢本質嘅正確手法。

The setting to identify an SPO/Onprem project for spfx

In file .yo-rc.json, the value of “environment” is either “spo” or “onprem”, it identify your project is on-premises or sharepoint online. If you want to create extension, you have to use “spo” { “@microsoft/generator-sharepoint”: { “version”: “1.4.1”, “libraryName”: “quantr-express”, “libraryId”: “1a6a217f-6fb8-44b4-981f-35d0ebe7025b”, “environment”: “onprem” } }

My notes on command set development for SPO

current list id : current list title : this.context.pageContext.list.title for (let row of event.selectedRows) { let itemId: number = row.getValueByName(‘ID’); Dialog.alert(`${itemId}`); } Get current user email : import * as strings from ‘SpfxCloneCommandSetStrings’; this._fieldTypesToIgnore = new Array( strings.typeCounter, strings.typeContentType, strings.typeAttachments, strings.typeModStat, strings.typeComputed ); this._fieldsToIgnore = new Array( strings.fieldModified, strings.fieldCreated, strings.fieldAuthor, strings.fieldEditor, strings.field_HasCopyDestinations, strings.field_CopySource, […]