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x86 disassembler預研成功

x86 disassemble預研成功,感謝Rod Pemberton朋友在alt.lang.asm上面的幫忙,原來Intel instruction雖然係CISC但可以在未decode所有Byte之前把Instruction切割出來。還有,切割比我想像人來得簡單。我現在的問題就是,RISC的所謂固定長度指令好像不是傳說中所說的巨大優勢。

2 comments on x86 disassembler預研成功

  1. So will we have a dissambler/debugger in NetBeans like Olly or other tools? Would be nice to see this integrated into NetBeans.

    1. We are team of 4 people, our plan is to build the complete toolchain for x86+arm+RISC V. Since Netbeans is the only SDK i love, so we will definitely integrate it into netbeans.

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