Month: October 2022

Change qemu to use 16M ram for xv6-riscv

After testing, the minimal memory of xv6-riscv needed is 3MB

2022/10/30 0

Force gdb to read .gdbinit in current folder

GDB User Initialization File The user initialization file contains commands that are executed upon the startup of GDB. It is located in your home directory under the path: ~/.gdbinit Create/edit this file and add the following line to this file: set auto-load safe-path / This allows our programs to use a current directory initialization file,…
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2022/10/16 0

Sync qemu fork

After I forked qemu, these comands can sync the origin repo

2022/10/14 0

Resolved : fatal error: ‘zstd.h’ file not found

Compiling LLVM and have “fatal error: ‘zstd.h’ file not found“, fix it by manually build the zstd git clone make sudo make install

2022/10/08 0