Month: April 2023

Arduino check I2C addresses

This code can check I2C address from multiple devices

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Arduino controls two 1602 LCD

One LCD need to set the jump at back to have another I2C address

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ESP32 on arduino, simplest tutorial

Got this board from Taobao. Follow schematic:  Code:pxc4doc:  Code:NICE  or download here If you failed to run the code for this. Hold “Boot” button while uploading the code If you meet “the port doesn’t exist”, do:

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STM32 – 自古成功在嘗試


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STM32 controls 4 digits 8 segment led

MyFunction.c Control Code

2023/04/20 0

01.54 OLED with STM32 example

Buy from here. Example is in here

2023/04/18 0

Create a dummy driver for openocd

We are developing our own risc-v so we need to have to ability to modify openocd. Here is the quickest guide for you to start when you type “set $s1=0xaabb”, it will jump to here

2023/04/12 0

Very small STM32 board

Buy from here , model is STM32F103C8T6

2023/04/11 0

Basic tutorial for blinking led for STM32F411

Tutorial: Create the project Step 1: Open STM32IDE, create the project, choose the right MCU Step 2: Type in project name Step 3: This is project structure Step 4: LED is assign to PC13, set it to GPIO output Then it will generate the setup code Step 5: Blink the led in main, there is…
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