Month: June 2023

STM32 + OLED 0.96 4pins I2C, works

This video works , sample code is in here.

2023/06/21 0

Arduino Nano IIS + Oled

this youtube works. Oled 0.91 and 0.96 inch both work. Oled can buy in here. The adafruit example is 128×32, need to change to 128×64 for 0.96 inch oled. One thing becareful, 0.96 oled 128×64, the address is still 0x3c, not 0x3d In Arduino IDE, change the address to “3C”, otherwise won’t work

2023/06/17 0

We teach kids for free

Kids coding training, lions clubs

2023/06/11 0

Teaching teenagers to understand logic

Teaching always sharpen my knowledge, fill up all the missing gap of my skill

2023/06/07 0

Powerup STM32 by breadboard

I found something:

2023/06/07 0