Month: July 2023

Support debug using vscode for xv6-riscv

launch.json in “.vscode” folder tasks.json “.vscode” folder Remove “-O” in Makefile run: set some breakpoints in vscode make qemu-gdb click the “run” button in vscode, see below

2023/07/31 0

Nand / Nor

i know any gate can convert to NAND or NOR, asked many time why people always use NAND instead of NOR, no one can answer, but i found the answer now. NAND need voltage, NOR need current.

2023/07/19 0

香港搞open source搞唔起的原因

香港永遠唔會出到外國咁成功同大型的open source project, 原因如下: 原因一: 香港無錢 香港人最驚被人話無錢, 但係開源呢單野上正正就係無錢, 可以話係窮到一蚊都無嗰種. 唔信你可以申請下創新科技署同科學園, 你話你搞open source睇下批唔批到條毛俾你. 原因二: 香港人無堅持力同投入度 你可能會反駁香港人都搞好多open source project, 但係得罪講句啲project係停留係小工具嘅層面(我唔係串, 我只係講事實), 係級數同規模上無得同外國比. 至於點解呢世做小工具, 原因不外乎香港人堅持同投入度都極度低下, 無人可以做一單野用十年做單位. 原因三: 香港人好鐘意得個噏字 香港真係太多阿叔, 可以睇 創科阿叔心理分析 原因四: 香港人啲技術低 HK developer = App developer, 個底係打工仔一名, 啲咩科學改變世界唔會關佢地事, 佢地只關心轉工. 原因五: 香港學界無力 香港嘅學界基本上一蚊都揾唔到sponsor, 如果你揾啲教授合作, 佢地唔係自己着數哂就唔會做, 一係就係咁得個吹字. 講技術, 香港學界有幾多料大家都知, 出論文可能得, 但要開發啲實際野唔洗諗. 原因六: 香港無一群有科學使命嘅老細 所有老細為賺錢, 佢地可能都係讀科學出身, 但個底唔係科學人, 可以話一啲科學精神都無. 佢地搞野要三個月後攞出去賣,…
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Heltec Arduino super simple tutorial

Buy from here. Offical website. Steps to make it work in arduino: 3. Burn these examples To try the wifi example 2. Change the wifi ID and password, case sensitive 3. Run it and see the result in serial monitor, set the baudrate to 115200. It grab the html from outside, see the code then…
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2023/07/17 0

Arduino Nano V3.0 + NRF24L01

This little board is nearly the same size as nano but embedded with a NRF24L01, and also very cheap $4 USD. To make it works: The “RF24 > Scanner” will works like below 100% compatible with Arduino nano

2023/07/17 0

CLB and IOB design

altera and xilinx probably copying each other

2023/07/16 0

Remote riscv-qemu gdb in vscode

3. Change the no of hart to 1 Result : Step over fully work

2023/07/15 0

HVPP reset Arduino Nano fuses

2023/07/14 0

Programming Arduino using STK500 ISP

STK500 is better than MKII since it supports high voltage programming, it can reset fuses from any status. Step 1: Install the driver. Must be version from date 7th Oct Plug in the USB, if it detected wrong driver, update it by select specific folder’. Need reboot the computer to take effect. Step 2: connect…
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2023/07/12 0

Programming Arduino using MKII ISP

I got MKII ISP from here. To program Arduino Nano via Microchip studio, nothing special, remember have to select the chip. And Nano D8 pin is B0. Nano bootloader can be found in here.

2023/07/12 0

STM32 power up

Did it one more time and

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Step to make icesugar 40 works

Simplest steps To make the RGB led work, put on these three jumpers

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