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Month: October 2023

Redis uses its own protocol to communicate between redis-server and redis-client

I thought db client sending plain text command (in SQL) to server and server parse the command. But I found Redis and Mysql client communicate to server via a custom protocol, that prove the client parse the command, not the server socat -v tcp-listen:8001,reuseaddr,fork tcp:localhost:6379

Funny Toy : Oscilloscope

I got this electronic toy from Taobao, i want to have more experience on soldering and putting different components on the PCB and making them work. After 3 hours in soldering and 1 hour in debugging, i finally make it works All documents here

砌機 : FPGA

Lattice FPGA比STM32簡單, 我應該可以搞得掂 用户手册: 串口驱动:原理图及源码: 主要component其實得兩個: FGPA同粒Flash


香港有好多阿叔,業界學界商界全部都係由阿叔為主,同佢地只要係有少少聯絡,你都要好小心,以下是指引 香港唔存在”前輩”呢一層,我唔係話香港無人夠資格稱做前輩,而係真正稱得上係前輩嘅人太少,唔足以叫做一代人。所以要摒棄幻想,唔好諗住搞到啲阿叔去指導你,唔點你都算係咁。香港啲中小學生同年青人未知呢個事實,所以寫呢篇文。