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MRK Wifi 1010 serial is different

Arduino MRK Wifi 1010 serial is different than Nano and Uno, the usb-to-serial and in D13/14 are separate, so code them this way

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start point to build our own jtag for our risc-v cpu

After days of hacking, i finally found out there is a dummy driver in openocd. just ./configure –enable-dummy and run it by ./bin/openocd -c ‘interface dummy’ -c ‘adapter_khz 1’ , you can see the dummy driver is running and in the function “static int dummy_write(int tck, int tms, int tdi)”, we can manually toggle the…
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Compile libsigrok and pulseview in windows by msys2

This is the tutorial to build libsigrok and pulseview in windows Download msys Open “MSYS2 MinGW x64”, don’t use “MSYS2 MSYS” 3. git clone 4. cd sigrok-utils/cross-compile/msys2 5. ./sigrok-native-msys2 prepare , it will auto install all necessary packages Compile libsigrok 6. git clone 7. cd libsigrok 8. ./ 9. vi configure and…
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Using FlatArcOrangeIJTheme gives me a new fresh look of NetBeans

I am not sure I add this L&F right, but it just works. Below are the steps Below is the code to use FlatArcOrangeIJTheme in your swing app I am thinking to create a NetBeans plugin to let users switch themes, but the above code has to be run before any swing component is unitized.…
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Openlane init files

If run fail, have to remove the “runs” folder before rerun, otherwise same error will be shown my_design.v config.tcl

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Arithmetic Circuits & Multipliers

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Don’t use “skip” in antlr grammar for netbeans syntax highlight

use “channel (HIDDEN)” instead of “skip”, otherwise the netbeans will throw exception.

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validate() in TableCellRenderer affect performance in windows

validate() in TableCellRenderer affect performance in windows, just read the source code of DefaultTableCellRenderer, just override it with empty function body will increase huge performance. Only windows affect this, mac and linux wont.

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Synthesis-ed part of XV6 into Verilog

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Best post to explain php and fastcgi

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Good web to learn RISC-V interrupt—-PLIC-%E4%BB%8B%E7%B4%B9—-%E4%B8%AD%E6%96%B7%E7%AF%87

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SharePoint Online奇怪現象

呼叫SharePoint Online Restful api時,如果ISPHttpClientOptions是空一樣能成功,但返回之時間值會錯timezone

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Create pfx file to add custom domain for Power Apps Portal

openssl pkcs12 -export -out certificate.pfx -inkey privkey1.pem -in fullchain1.pem

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Nice book

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Solved: liximomo error : file not found This is apparently a brand new problem that has been introduced into the newer versions of VS Code. I have FOUND A SOLUTION that seems to work well, by modifying a single line in the extension code. This is only valid for version 1.12.9 of the liximomo.sftp extension. Here are the steps: Shutdown / Quit VS Code. Locate…
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RISC-V Qemu memory mapping

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Very good git command tutorial examples

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A very good provision tutorial

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This file controls how “info register” in gdb

this file riscv-64bit-cpu.xml controls how “info register” printing values in gdb. I tried to add one entry to it to print the “PC” value one more time, it works

2021/04/04 0

spfx v1.12因為太多bug強行下架

spfx v1.12因為太多bug所以咪記已經強行下架而家變返v1.11, 之前用左v1.12請人手downgrade。玩咪記野跟車太貼有一定風險。

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下一步叫班學生加入多啲high level syntax, 同一時間我要攻破chipyard

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RISC-V progress

挾左個vscode web版落我地個web到,開發埋自己個theme親返隻色。RISC-V asm個syntax highlight仲差少少。跟住就可以放俾澳洲啲大學生上黎係web到做RISC-V coding,simulator我部server應該頂到200-500人。

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支持本土, 寫Program用香港人嘅字體

「昭源黑體」唔錯 !!!

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Build vscode, host it localhost and run it in browser Visual Studio Code 是微软推出的一款轻量级编辑器,与它一起在市场争锋的相似软件还有 Atom 和 Sublime Text,面世第二年的它只占据 7% 左右的市场,后来在短短三年时间雄踞了半壁江山,不可谓不哇塞。 发育如此强势的软件,背后到底是如何设计的,未来一段时间,我将带着你一点一点拨开她的面纱,再撩开她的裙摆。 下载源码 Visual Studio Code 简称 VSCode,需要注意的是,平时我们使用的 VSCode 那是产品,而下面我们要介绍的是源码,产品是源码的构建结果;源码使用的 MIT License,而产品使用的是这个 MICROSOFT SOFTWARE LICENSE TERMS,如果你想把 VSCode 用于商用,建议从源码构建出新的产品,而不是直接使用人家官网上提供下载链接的 VSCode Product。 官网地址是 源码在这里:。 我们先把源码 down 下来: git clone –depth 1 由于 VSCode 项目过于活跃,提交量非常庞大,到目前为止,已经有 56,092 次提交了,建议在下载源码的时候加了一句 –depth 1,意思就是只现在最近一次 commit 的代码。 30s 后……71M,不慢。 安装依赖 在安装依赖之前,我们不妨稍微分析下 VSCode 的项目结构, ➜ vscode (master) tree -L…
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