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Arduino read/write AT24C256

Many examples not work from google, it is because it needs a delay after write operand, so i put delay(100)

2023/08/31 0

Quantr-Logic + PLD

We are thinking of synthesis logic into FPGA but the task is quite complex, We found a new way to do what we want: We generate the jedec file and let the end user burn it into PLD. This brings us the ability to design logic from Quantr-Logic, kick a button, and burn it into…
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2023/08/28 0

RISC-V Day Hong Kong 2024

thank you Professor Ray invited us to join

2023/08/22 0

VTC個online library係無敵嘅

Download論文一個click, 至少比Cityu無敵

2023/08/09 0

Support debug using vscode for xv6-riscv

launch.json in “.vscode” folder tasks.json “.vscode” folder Remove “-O” in Makefile run: set some breakpoints in vscode make qemu-gdb click the “run” button in vscode, see below

2023/07/31 0

Nand / Nor

i know any gate can convert to NAND or NOR, asked many time why people always use NAND instead of NOR, no one can answer, but i found the answer now. NAND need voltage, NOR need current.

2023/07/19 0

Heltec Arduino super simple tutorial

Buy from here. Offical website. Steps to make it work in arduino: 3. Burn these examples To try the wifi example 2. Change the wifi ID and password, case sensitive 3. Run it and see the result in serial monitor, set the baudrate to 115200. It grab the html from outside, see the code then…
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2023/07/17 0

Arduino Nano V3.0 + NRF24L01

This little board is nearly the same size as nano but embedded with a NRF24L01, and also very cheap $4 USD. To make it works: The “RF24 > Scanner” will works like below 100% compatible with Arduino nano

2023/07/17 0

CLB and IOB design

altera and xilinx probably copying each other

2023/07/16 0

Remote riscv-qemu gdb in vscode

3. Change the no of hart to 1 Result : Step over fully work

2023/07/15 0

Programming Arduino using STK500 ISP

STK500 is better than MKII since it supports high voltage programming, it can reset fuses from any status. Step 1: Install the driver. Must be version from date 7th Oct Plug in the USB, if it detected wrong driver, update it by select specific folder’. Need reboot the computer to take effect. Step 2: connect…
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2023/07/12 0

Programming Arduino using MKII ISP

I got MKII ISP from here. To program Arduino Nano via Microchip studio, nothing special, remember have to select the chip. And Nano D8 pin is B0. Nano bootloader can be found in here.

2023/07/12 0

STM32 power up

Did it one more time and

2023/07/07 0

Step to make icesugar 40 works

Simplest steps To make the RGB led work, put on these three jumpers

2023/07/05 0

STM32 + OLED 0.96 4pins I2C, works

This video works , sample code is in here.

2023/06/21 0

Arduino Nano IIS + Oled

this youtube works. Oled 0.91 and 0.96 inch both work. Oled can buy in here. The adafruit example is 128×32, need to change to 128×64 for 0.96 inch oled. One thing becareful, 0.96 oled 128×64, the address is still 0x3c, not 0x3d In Arduino IDE, change the address to “3C”, otherwise won’t work

2023/06/17 0

Teaching teenagers to understand logic

Teaching always sharpen my knowledge, fill up all the missing gap of my skill

2023/06/07 0

Powerup STM32 by breadboard

I found something:

2023/06/07 0

ATMega 328p use ext 16M oscilator

2023/05/25 0

Very good arduino uno clone

bought from here

2023/05/08 0

Step to run icesugar-nano

Bought from here. user manual:  7 serial driver: and semantics: Follow . If you got this error: fatal error: ‘ftdi.h’ file not found, then modify in /Users/peter/workspace/icestorm: Edit /Users/peter/workspace/icestorm/iceprog/Makefile All examples in , just drag the demo program from demo folder or build it…
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2023/05/01 0

Arduino check I2C addresses

This code can check I2C address from multiple devices

2023/04/27 0

Arduino controls two 1602 LCD

One LCD need to set the jump at back to have another I2C address

2023/04/27 0

ESP32 on arduino, simplest tutorial

Got this board from Taobao. Follow schematic:  Code:pxc4doc:  Code:NICE  or download here If you failed to run the code for this. Hold “Boot” button while uploading the code If you meet “the port doesn’t exist”, do:

2023/04/27 0

STM32 – 自古成功在嘗試


2023/04/21 0

STM32 controls 4 digits 8 segment led

MyFunction.c Control Code

2023/04/20 0

01.54 OLED with STM32 example

Buy from here. Example is in here

2023/04/18 0

Create a dummy driver for openocd

We are developing our own risc-v so we need to have to ability to modify openocd. Here is the quickest guide for you to start when you type “set $s1=0xaabb”, it will jump to here

2023/04/12 0

Very small STM32 board

Buy from here , model is STM32F103C8T6

2023/04/11 0

Basic tutorial for blinking led for STM32F411

Tutorial: Create the project Step 1: Open STM32IDE, create the project, choose the right MCU Step 2: Type in project name Step 3: This is project structure Step 4: LED is assign to PC13, set it to GPIO output Then it will generate the setup code Step 5: Blink the led in main, there is…
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2023/04/08 0

SEMU call graph

This graph generated by graphviz, helping students easier understand Professor Jim Huang’s SEMU RISC-V emulator

2023/02/27 0


講得好step by step

2023/02/10 0

QEMU PLIC call map

After hacking the qemu risc-v source code, here is the PLIC call map

2023/02/06 0

Export our data structure into logisim

Created the library to export our data structure into logisim, , part of our EDA tool

2023/02/04 0

Good HDL synthesis book

The first step of logic synthesis is call “HDL synthesis”, converting verilog into raw netlist.

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