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Step to run icesugar-nano

Bought from here. user manual:  7 serial driver: and semantics: Follow . If you got this error: fatal error: ‘ftdi.h’ file not found, then modify in /Users/peter/workspace/icestorm: Edit /Users/peter/workspace/icestorm/iceprog/Makefile All examples in , just drag the demo program from demo folder or build it […]

ESP32 on arduino, simplest tutorial

Got this board from Taobao. Follow schematic:  Code:pxc4doc:  Code:NICE  or download here If you failed to run the code for this. Hold “Boot” button while uploading the code If you meet “the port doesn’t exist”, do:

ICESugar board unable to mount in ubuntu

If you unable to mount your icesugar board in ubuntu and saying this error “Not authorized to perform operation”, this link resolve it The below board only work with the extension board on right hand side, the left hand side one dont. I found out the chip in the middle is different, rhs […]

Clean Architecture

1. 一棟大廈不可能分成兩棟能完全獨立運作的大廈,但軟件通常由能獨立運作的小軟件所組成,所以有理由相信軟件工程比土木工程複雜 2. 軟件工程是內循環的,意思是用軟件A創造軟件B,之後又用軟件B改進軟件A,而土木工程是單向的,所以有理由相信軟件工程比土木工程複雜 3. 就算摩天大廈,起第一層和起第一百層的技術差不多,但軟件中不同層數的建築方法是完全不同,例如os層和web層,所以有理由相信軟件工程比土木工程複雜 4. 軟件工程中做同一件事的方法比土木工程多很多,所以有理由相信軟件工程比土木工程複雜

start point to build our own jtag for our risc-v cpu

After days of hacking, i finally found out there is a dummy driver in openocd. just ./configure –enable-dummy and run it by ./bin/openocd -c ‘interface dummy’ -c ‘adapter_khz 1’ , you can see the dummy driver is running and in the function “static int dummy_write(int tck, int tms, int tdi)”, we can manually toggle the […]

Compile libsigrok and pulseview in windows by msys2

This is the tutorial to build libsigrok and pulseview in windows Download msys Open “MSYS2 MinGW x64”, don’t use “MSYS2 MSYS” 3. git clone 4. cd sigrok-utils/cross-compile/msys2 5. ./sigrok-native-msys2 prepare , it will auto install all necessary packages Compile libsigrok 6. git clone 7. cd libsigrok 8. ./ 9. vi configure and […]

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