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Solved: The request message is too big. The server does not allow messages larger than 2097152 bytes.

SharePoint Online CSOM error : The request message is too big. The server does not allow messages larger than 2097152 bytes.

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Best post to explain php and fastcgi

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Create pfx file to add custom domain for Power Apps Portal

openssl pkcs12 -export -out certificate.pfx -inkey privkey1.pem -in fullchain1.pem

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Solved: liximomo error : file not found This is apparently a brand new problem that has been introduced into the newer versions of VS Code. I have FOUND A SOLUTION that seems to work well, by modifying a single line in the extension code. This is only valid for version 1.12.9 of the liximomo.sftp extension. Here are the steps: Shutdown / Quit VS Code. Locate…
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Very good git command tutorial examples

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Never use Baidu Cloud Disk

Simple reaons, upload is fast, download only. few ten KB/s. It looks like Baidu don’t want you to download your file, locking you in forever

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logic gate呢一層

我地平時用嘅variable,如果化到落logic gate呢一層,你無法找到佢嘅真身,佢亦都好可能同其它variable所化生嘅logic gate交織埋一齊,你亦都無可能找到佢確實嘅存在嘅時間,一切好虛無,但有其功用。呢個係coding體驗空性嘅其中一個睇法。而家啲programmer執著玩排位玩放位玩lang玩framework,真係好可憐。

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New book to read: Sql server wait statistics

Learn more advanced skills for sharepoint tuning from sql server point of view.

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SharePoint can’t login ad user (Resolved)

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Great blog about vscode extension development

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Let’s encrypt generate wildcard cert

This works

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Simplest guide to config tomcat to use https with lets encrypt’s free cert

Support you have generate a standalone cert using certbot command, and your cert is in /etc/letsencrypt/live/ . If not, follow this Execute openssl command and remember your password Edit tomcat’s conf/server.xml, you just need one connector to serve 8443, no need other conntector Restart your tomcat, it is done. Below is the virtualhost to…
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玩了14年QQ終於被永久凍結了, 原因為了說了一些大陸不想聽的說話

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Mac inconsistence free disk space between “System Information” and “Disk Utility”

This command can fix: sudo tmutil thinLocalSnapshots / 10000000000 4

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Bash script to create a file with increment bytes

for ((x=0;x<=255;x++)); do a=`echo “obase=16; $x”|bc`;echo -n -e “\x$a”; done

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Generic E-Form system design

Lots of customers has implemented e-form using different technologies such as Nintex, SPFX, Microsoft Flow. We are going to design a generic E-Form system for them, providing a centralize mechanism for administrators to add/remove eform, user management, log management and etc…

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一本由讀computer science嘅人所寫嘅哲學書

我而家總結一下書中所帶出的哲學問題,所有讀computer science嘅人都應該花時間思考一下: 神。人。機械人。三者之關係 機械人的超限作用 人好明顯就是當機械人係奴隸 機械人之自我認同,自我意識 克隆人是機械人? 人是機械人?

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Destroyed Yamato

By a level 8 Russian Destroyer

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Both are great book

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I need to learn fast-reading technique

Usually i arrive shatin library 7pm so i got only one hour before close. So better to learn fast-reading technique. These two books are great. I think i need to buy some design sample books.

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雜心論對鬼有比較祥細的描述:1. 鬼有六識:眼意鼻舌身意,中國人普遍認為鬼無肉身,所以無身識2. 六道中各有不同的鬼,人死變人鬼,畜牲死變畜牲鬼,最特別的就是地獄眾生死後變死獄的鬼,由此可見地獄道眾生不是鬼,而餓鬼的眾生也不是鬼,如果不是鬼又怎會死了才變鬼呢3. 鬼經過女性的陰道投胎,而不是飛入個肚到投胎4. 有兩種說法,人道的鬼只能見到人道的鬼,第二種說法是人道的鬼可以見到比人道更低層次(地獄/畜牲/餓鬼)的鬼5. 鬼有時是見不到其它的鬼的,而中國的鬼應該是一定見到其它鬼的6. 鬼入胎後近右手為男,近左手為女,中國的鬼無此說法7. 地獄道的鬼頭向下腳向上而行走,只有天道的鬼才會飛8. 六道中各道的鬼與其道眾生,身型大小相差不遠

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Change github account in terminal

$git credential-osxkeychain erasehost=github.comprotocol=https[Press Return] To add your new account you can do the following commands:git config –global “YOUR NAME”git config –global “YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS”

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Hex/Dec regex generator for continuous number

Decimal number:

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Netbeans outline plugin runs fast

After changed to a new antlr grammar, now is parse java file in 1 second, before need 15 seconds to parse a 1000 lines file.

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Netbeans Antlr plugin初步頂到非Conbined grammar

Netbeans Antlr Plugins可以支持非Combined Grammar了,就是說如果你的Grammar和Lexer Grammar是在不同的文件也能支持

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