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something need to care when you use devstack

I have a ubuntu 12.10 64 bits, i can easily install devstack, but there are some points still need to care about the devstack

1. Devstack installation script is to git clone the latest version from the openstack source repository, if the repository’s code contain bug, your openstack will fail. If you use devstack in production, make sure you git clone the same version of the source.

2. Devstack doesn’t have a restart script, that mean you can’t start openstack after reboot the server, but luckily somebody created a restart script, but that script doesn’t work in the current version of openstack. Here is my script, please execute it with these command:

cd /opt/stack/cinder/bin
cd /opt/stack/nova/bin

The original script doesn’t work because it forgot/fail the start cinder and nova, so we just need to start it manually.

3. Devstack will not install novnc for you, for please manually install novnc before you run devstack

apt-get install novnc -y

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