steps to reinstall devstack

steps to reinstall devstack

2013/04/22 Openstack 4

steps to reinstall devstack

1) Remove all the openstack;s databases from mysql, glance, keystone, nova, etc…
2) Delete the install directory of devstack, default is /opt/stack
3) Remove your old devstack git clone directory, because we want to check out the latest code
4) You *don’t* need to delete /usr/local/lib/python2.7/distpackages/openstack* , but if you did it, please run “pip install django_openstack_auth”
5) Delete user “stack” in linux.

After those steps, you are ready to git clone the devstack again and run the ./ to reinstall it

4 Responses

  1. Boopathi says:

    The first step should be to run ./

  2. hemani says:

    Please could you give detailed steps with ubuntu cmds to remove and reinstall openstack via devstack.

    • admin says:

      1) Login to mysql, use drop all openstack databases using the “drop database ….” command
      2) rm -fr /opt/stack, suppose you installed devstack there
      3) rm -fr 4) userdel -r stack

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