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steps to reinstall devstack

steps to reinstall devstack

1) Remove all the openstack;s databases from mysql, glance, keystone, nova, etc…
2) Delete the install directory of devstack, default is /opt/stack
3) Remove your old devstack git clone directory, because we want to check out the latest code
4) You *don’t* need to delete /usr/local/lib/python2.7/distpackages/openstack* , but if you did it, please run “pip install django_openstack_auth”
5) Delete user “stack” in linux.

After those steps, you are ready to git clone the devstack again and run the ./ to reinstall it

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  1. Please could you give detailed steps with ubuntu cmds to remove and reinstall openstack via devstack.

    1. 1) Login to mysql, use drop all openstack databases using the “drop database ….” command
      2) rm -fr /opt/stack, suppose you installed devstack there
      3) rm -fr 4) userdel -r stack

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