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Found a bug in ndisasm

Type this command, ndisasm will hang (I guess it eat up all 4GB address space, disassemble offset starts at 0xfffffff0, which is very high address). My version is “NDISASM version 2.11.02 compiled on Apr 9 2014”, running on mac mavericks.

ndisasm -b 32 -o 0xfffffff0 temp.bin

temp file :

The bug is filed here

1 comment on Found a bug in ndisasm

  1. I found the root cause. The ndisasm come with Xcode is too old, version is “NDISASM version 0.98.40 (Apple Computer, Inc. build 11) compiled Feb 6 2013”, it will causes this problem. The latest ndisasm won’t. I thought I am using the latest ndisasm but i was wrong.

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