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How to use PFSBuilder

How to use PFSBuilder

This tutorial work in windows/linux/mac

Step 1) Download the jar

Step 2) make sure you have java in your PC

Compress directory into PFS image

Step 1) Make sure PFSBuilder.jar is in your current directory

Step 2) Create a folder call “input” and put some files and directories in there

PFSBuilder 1

Step 3) PFSBuilder has two modes: GUI mode and command line mode. Type this command to compress the “input” folder into a PFS file image called “harddisk”.

java -jar PFSBuilder-20140619.jar -c -inputdirectory input -output harddisk -partitionsize 10MB -partitionname tutorial -blocksize 2048 -projectfile project.ini

If the command is success, file “harddisk” will be created, see below

PFSBuilder 2

Compress directory into PFS image using GUI mode

Step 1) start PFSbuilder by -gui option

java -jar PFSBuilder-20140619.jar -gui

Step 2) Follow the below steps

Click the “New button”
PFSBuilder 3



Type in details and click “New”

PFSBuilder 4

Right click the tree and click “Import Directory”, select a folder you want to compress

PFSBuilder 5

If it is success to import the directory, you see something like below image

PFSBuilder 6

Click on any file on LHS, file content will be displayed on RHS

PFSBuilder 7

Finally, click “Save” button, the PFS file image will be created

PFSBuilder 8


Decompress PFS file image into a folder

java -jar PFSBuilder-20140619.jar -input harddisk -outputdirectory output -x -partitionoffset 0 -projectfile project.ini

It will extract all folders and files in PFS image “harddisk” to directory called “output”

Command line options

PFSBuilder command line options

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