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My proposal to Bochs team

Dear Bochs Team
My name is Peter, the author of GKD, prior call peter-bochs. Peter-Bochs parses the bochs debugger output. During the last 3 years, I am busy to support each version of bochs because the output of bochs debug command is different. I want to format the bochs debugger command output to xml, so that I can end this. Here is the zip file of my source, I just added a “gkd_r” command to dump out registers into xml format. Please see if I added my code correctly. Search “gkd” you will see all my changes, so far my code are in:

  • lexer.l
  • parser.y
  • debug.h

Can we add my code into the trunk? so that people can use it by default.

Here is the image of the gkd_r command:

gkd_r command
gkd_r command

from Peter

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