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libelf include issue

When you meet this:

../../library/libpeter/io.h:43:1: warning: (this will be reported only once per input file)
In file included from /toolchain/include/libelf/libelf.h:31:0,
                 from /toolchain/include/libelf.h:1,
                 from pshell.c:13:
/toolchain/include/libelf/sys_elf.h:70:32: fatal error: elf.h: No such file or directory
 # include __LIBELF_HEADER_ELF_H

Just comment out the following line in /toolchain/include/libelf/sys_elf.h

/* Define to `<elf.h>' or `<sys/elf.h>' if one of them is present */
#define __LIBELF_HEADER_ELF_H <elf.h>

When I build the libelf in mac and in linux, the output sys_elf.h is different, in mac, the above line is not exist, so my OS is able to compile.


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