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Running peter-dwarf tutorial

This is the tutorial for running testing program for peter-dwarf, there are two programs inside the jar, first one is a command-line program to test peter-dwarf functions, the second one is a program with GUI.
1) Running the command line program

java -jar peter-dwarf-20160101.jar /Users/peter/NetBeansProjects/PeterI/kernel/kernel findFunction 0x1600300

This will print out the function name contain the address 0x1600300 in file “kernel”

java -jar peter-dwarf-20160101.jar /Users/peter/NetBeansProjects/PeterI/kernel/kernel findParameter 0x1600300

This will print out all parameter name and type of the address 0x1600300 in file “kernel”

2) Running the GUI program

java -cp peter-dwarf-20160101.jar com.peterdwarf.TestPeterDwarfJFrame

After the program is start, click “Open elf” button to open any 32 bits elf file. The dwarf informations will be display as a tree.

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