Solved – The root cause why Netbeans can’t print colored text using latest Maven

Solved – The root cause why Netbeans can’t print colored text using latest Maven

2018/12/30 Netbeans Programming 0

Netbeans has bundled an old Maven, version 3.3.9, it can’t print out colored text to the output window. But when we switch to latest Maven 3.6.0, all color gone. I asked Netbeans guys, maven guys and jansi guys for help, but can’t get a solution. So i try to hack the maven code, i found out maven 3.6.0 embedded with jansi library, so i dive into jansi. In jansi website it clearly say that we can pass jansi.passthrough=true to force jansi to print out colored text. I also tried to set the MAVEN_OPTS variable but no help. When i print out the value in jansi code (jansi/jansi/src/main/java/org/fusesource/jansi/, i got a false. I i hard-coded it and force it to get into the jansi.passthrough if-loop. Then i recompile my new maven with my modified jansi library. Finally everything works.

This is my testing code:

public class TestConsole {
	public void test() throws Exception {
		String ANSI_RESET = "\u001B[0m";
		String ANSI_RED = "\u001B[31m";
		System.out.println(ANSI_RED + "XX");
		System.out.println("\033[31;1mHello\033[0m, \033[32;1;2mworld!\033[0m");
		System.out.println((char) 27 + "[32m" + "ERROR MESSAGE IN GREEN");
		System.out.println((char) 27 + "[33mYELLOW");

//		System.setProperty("jansi.force", "true");
		System.setProperty("jansi.passthrough", "true");
//		System.setProperty("jansi.strip", "true");
//		System.setProperty("jansi.force", "true");

//		AnsiConsole.systemInstall();
//		AnsiMain.main();
//		System.out.println(ansi().eraseScreen().render("@|red Hello|@ @|green World|@"));
		System.out.println(ansi().fg(RED).a("Hello").fg(GREEN).a(" World").reset());
//		AnsiMain.main();

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