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Hacking Lattice toolchain lesson 1

Lattice Diamond use these commands to compile my project into jed file

Synthesize Design:

synthesis -f ControlLed_impl1_lattice.synproj -gui -msgset C:/workspace/fpga/ControlLed/promote.xml

Place & Route Design:

par -w -l 5 -i 6 -t 1 -c 0 -e 0 -gui -msgset C:/workspace/fpga/ControlLed/promote.xml -exp parUseNBR=1:parCDP=0:parCDR=0:parPathBased=OFF ControlLed_impl1_map.ncd ControlLed_impl1.dir/5_1.ncd ControlLed_impl1.prf
trce -v 10 -gt -sethld -sp 4 -sphld m -o ControlLed_impl1.twr -gui -msgset C:/workspace/fpga/ControlLed/promote.xml ControlLed_impl1.ncd ControlLed_impl1.prf

Export files:

tmcheck -par “ControlLed_impl1.par”
bitgen -f “ControlLed_impl1.t2b” -w “ControlLed_impl1.ncd” -jedec “ControlLed_impl1.prf”

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