Arduino + AD9833 using library by Rob Tillaart

Arduino + AD9833 using library by Rob Tillaart

2023/11/06 Computer Engineering 0

Buy the board here :

Install the library, see below

Make sure connect these pins to the board, total 5 pins, follow below

#include "AD9833.h"
AD9833 AD;
void setup()
  AD.begin(10);  //  HW SPI, select pin 10
//  AD.setWave(AD9833_SINE);
//  AD.setWave(AD9833_SQUARE1);
//  AD.setWave(AD9833_SQUARE2);
//  AD.setWave(AD9833_TRIANGLE);
  AD.setFrequency(10.0, 0);
void loop()

Refer to , more examples in

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