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Create a breadboard FPGA

We tried to ask GOWIN to let us generate the bitstream but seems they are not willing to open their standard, xilinx and altera has no hope too. So for education purpose we now go for build a simple one.

We found the way to break logic into LUTs, so we want to build a very simple FPGA in the breadboard by using AT28C16 as the LUTs and another At28 to be the switch-block. We let people build the circuit using Quantr-Logic, then use Arduino to program all AT28. Because Arduino nano doesn’t have enough pin so we use a shift registers and some de-mux (74LS139) to connect it to all AT28.

We will create a very simple bitstream standard and let Quantr-logic export the project to it, and make the ardunio able to understand and do the flash-programming job.

CLB is the simplest one, an AT28 for Luts + D-flip-flop. The Demux is used to select whether the output is passing through the D-flip flop or not, that mean switching from combination logic to sequential logic.

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