I am going to develop a RTS game. My idea is:

  • Simple graphic
  • Use unreal for development
  • Use blender for 3D things
  • Use photoshop for 2D things

The game story: no idea yet

Game mode:

  • Air/Lang/Sea fight
  • Resources are mine/oil, mine is auto refill in random place. Oil are in fixed location.
  • Landscape is on a flat plane, i don’t like flighting on a sphere like PA.
  • In the first stage, support human vs computer only.
  • Every unit has three levels. Level 1 factory build level 1 units, level 2 factory build level 2 units. Level 1 unit can self upgrade to level 2.
  • Unit has a experience rate, during flighting, this rate will increase. Higher rate mean higher lethality, higher damage rate.
  • Unit is repairable by stand close to the ambulance


  • 簡單的圖形
  • 使用Unreal開發
  • 用blender搞3D的東西
  • 用photoshop搞2D的東西



  • 海陸空三軍
  • 資源是礦山/石油,礦山是自動在隨機的地方填充。油井都在固定的位置。
  • 景觀是一平面,我不喜歡的像PA球體。
  • 在第一階段中,只支持人類 VS 計算機。
  • 每個作戰單位有三個層次。 1級工廠構建1級單位,2級工廠構建2級單位。 1級單位可以自行升級到2級。
  • 單位有經驗值,通過作戰,這個值會增加。更高的值意味著更高的殺傷力,更高的傷害率。
  • 單位可以通過站近救護車修復

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