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20151004 – Much faster startup by multithread the GUI init function and optimized peter-dwarf library.

20150829 – Instrumentation works perfectly, added filter to filter out some instructions.

20150731 – Fixed ndisasm.exe unable to run in 64 bits windows, thanks for QQ 1007965673 told me this problem.



How to run:

GKD is originally from peter-bochs debugger, but the startup is different, peter-bochs use command line parameters to specific everything. But GKD use a single xml. Create the following gkd_bochs.xml in the folder of the god jar file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<vmArguments>-f bochsrc.txt -q</vmArguments>

Create the xml and run it by java -jar GKD-xxxx.jar -f gkd_bochs.xml -debug



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