Kernel, Virus and Programming

In search of the anti-ddos device Preamble The following text describes the evaluation of the most reasonable solution in order to achieve the goal of protecting our infrastructure from DDoS attacks. All collected values and impressions do not lay claim to being correct nor complete. This article only reflects our experiences and data and therefore should be used to help…
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2013/01/21 0

Fix the PermGen error in tomcat

Fix the PermGen error in tomcat, execute this before export JAVA_OPTS=”-XX:PermSize=2048m” read count : 257

2013/01/15 0

Ported ubuntu theme to fedora

Ported ubuntu theme to fedora, tested on FC17, unzip themes.tar.bz2 in /usr/share/themes read count : 262

2013/01/04 0

A x86 java disassembler from Maxine Project

I have been asking for a java x86 disassembler library for a long time, i finally found “Maxine” project from oracle, it is a VM project with built-in a x86 assembler written Java. I git-ed the source and compile them in eclipse, it works!, here is the source and screenshot. source : maxine_disassembler read count…
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2012/12/27 0

Lowest 7 levels of /lib, /bin, /usr/bin, /usr/lib

No recursive /bin /lib /usr/bin /usr/lib read count : 381

2012/12/24 0

Peter-bochs – State chart diagram

read count : 386

2012/12/22 0

How to change Fedora’s font rendering to get an Ubuntu-like result

Font rendering is a matter of taste. However, I personally think Ubuntu’s default font rendering is the most eye-pleasing one of the whole Linux eco-system. And if a website’s CSS font stack is looking good on Ubuntu, you can be relatively sure that it also works for Mac or MS Windows as long as the used fonts are available on these…
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2012/12/13 4

qemu-kvm’s library dependencies

chrome’s library dependencies read count : 522

2012/12/11 0

chrome’s library dependencies

chrome’s library dependencies read count : 230

2012/12/11 0

The way i compile elfutils

autoheader aclocal -I m4 autoconf automake -a -c ./configure make read count : 467

2012/12/10 0

my .vimrc

read count : 250

2012/12/10 0

get out of the keying trouble when you start chrome in fedora 17

just add “–password-store=basic” in the option you start chrome. read count : 237

2012/12/09 0

A great qemu development link read count : 339

2012/12/07 0

Filter out special character in json

$str=”`!@#$%^&*()_+[]\{}|;’:\”,./?”; $str=str_replace(“\\”,”\\\\”, $str); $str=str_replace(“\””,”\\\””, $str); read count : 260

2012/11/29 0

Dev target 2013/02

1) port peter-bochs to qemu 2) finish new lib stub open() 3) make the libc layer fully working 4) Pass all PKU exams read count : 321

2012/11/28 0

qemu-kvm is much slower than qemu for single-step

I can do 1500 single-steps per second in qemu. But i can only do 148 in qemu-kvm. I test it by: 1) create a debug server in qemu 2) send huge amount of “s” command from a java program, every “s” command will perform one single step action in qemu. read count : 386

2012/11/28 0

fail to single step qemu

Hi all I created a simple debug server on qemu, it receives command from tcp, but when i try to single step qemu, it fails, it will keep running rather than stop in the next instruction. I have traced the code a little bit, for gdb, when gdb do single step, the process will throw…
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2012/11/21 0