Month: June 2014

a good free usenet server

a good free usenet server

2014/06/30 0

Optimize java startup speed

I spent lot of time to optimize the startup speed of my Java app from 10 seconds down to 6 seconds in my 2012 Mac air. I changed to MacBook 13″, the startup time become <=3. That proves the hard disk speed is the key to optimize the startup time. I am facing a new…
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2014/06/29 0

How to use PFSBuilder

How to use PFSBuilder This tutorial work in windows/linux/mac Step 1) Download the jar Step 2) make sure you have java in your PC Compress directory into PFS image Step 1) Make sure PFSBuilder.jar is in your current directory Step 2) Create a folder call “input” and put some files and directories in there Step…
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2014/06/28 0

Connect Peter-file-system to linux or mac

After spent 3 days to play the FUSE and macFUSE, i finally connected Peter-file-system ( to my mac/linux machine. It is quite simple and straightforward, I write a FUSE program that create a JVM and load my PFS stub (writhed in Java), every FUSE function calls will route to the stub and manipulates the PFS…
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2014/06/23 0

How to trace IIS error 500

The best way to trace IIS error 500 is to enable all log detail on screen, edit your web.config to

2014/06/19 0

Latest Titan Portal progress

Need 2 more months will finish everything

2014/06/10 0

How titan connect to kvm’s vnc through titan server via java object stream

I nearly don’t understand the code I wrote 6 months ago about the vnc connection. It is a little complex, the basic idea is : Titan server create a proxy server to the kvm’s vnc. Titan server is using java object stream to communicate with client, it wrap all the bytes from the object stream…
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2014/06/10 0

Get IP of guest vm in virtualbox

VBoxManage guestproperty get “vmname” “/VirtualBox/GuestInfo/Net/0/V4/IP” | awk ‘{ print $2 }’

2014/06/09 0

Titan portal

Developing the titan portal, which is for hosting company’s customers. If you want to build a hosting company using openstack, you definitely need a portal for your customer to provide operations.

2014/06/03 0

2GB ram has higher temperature than 4GB ram

Just buy one more 2nd hand server. Everything are the same including the OS, except one using 8x2GB ram and the other using 4x4GB ram. I found out 4GB ram has lower temperature than 2GB ram. I guess is because in 4GB-ram-block server, it has more space between each ram (because i only used 4…
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2014/06/01 0