Month: October 2015

newlib linker script summary for you own executable

After i build my newlib by “../newlib-2.1.0/configure –target=$TARGET –prefix=$PREFIX”, except the libc.a and crt0.o, i got these linker scripts. I am still thinking which one i should use for my own executables in my OS. elf_i386.x Default linker script, for normal executables elf_i386.xbn Script for -N: mix text and data on same page; don’t align…
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2015/10/23 0

YEAH, page tables is ok now

After 100 times of failure, i finally loaded a exe into an independent address space (independent page tables and LDT). I meet all kind of failures: wrong page directory, wrong page table, wrong virtual address mapping, wrong code selector, wrong LDT, etc…

2015/10/22 1