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Never use Baidu Cloud Disk

Simple reaons, upload is fast, download only. few ten KB/s. It looks like Baidu don’t want you to download your file, locking you in forever

2021/01/25 0

CPU testbench同assembler testbench而家link埋

它可以幫手check下cpu decode有無錯了

2021/01/15 0

RISC-V 64 bits XV kernel insturctions


2020/12/31 0

self-made tool for risc-v development

Another self-made tool for risc-v development, it is a vcd file dumper. With our own dumper, we can record the behavior of another risc-v, so we can cross check our risc-v correctless much more efficient.

2020/12/29 0



2020/12/27 0

Running 64- and 32-bit RISC-V Linux on QEMU Running 64- and 32-bit RISC-V Linux on QEMU This is a “hello world” example of booting Linux on RISC-V QEMU. This guide covers some basic steps to get Linux running on RISC-V. It is recomended that if you are interested in a specific distrubution you follow their steps. For example if you are interested…
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2020/11/10 0

logic gate呢一層

我地平時用嘅variable,如果化到落logic gate呢一層,你無法找到佢嘅真身,佢亦都好可能同其它variable所化生嘅logic gate交織埋一齊,你亦都無可能找到佢確實嘅存在嘅時間,一切好虛無,但有其功用。呢個係coding體驗空性嘅其中一個睇法。而家啲programmer執著玩排位玩放位玩lang玩framework,真係好可憐。

2020/10/27 0

New book to read: Sql server wait statistics

Learn more advanced skills for sharepoint tuning from sql server point of view.

2020/10/24 0

GD32 RISC-V registers

===== RISC-V Registers(0) zero (/32)(1) ra (/32)(2) sp (/32)(3) gp (/32)(4) tp (/32)(5) t0 (/32)(6) t1 (/32)(7) t2 (/32)(8) fp (/32)(9) s1 (/32)(10) a0 (/32)(11) a1 (/32)(12) a2 (/32)(13) a3 (/32)(14) a4 (/32)(15) a5 (/32)(16) a6 (/32)(17) a7 (/32)(18) s2 (/32)(19) s3 (/32)(20) s4 (/32)(21) s5 (/32)(22) s6 (/32)(23) s7 (/32)(24) s8 (/32)(25) s9 (/32)(26)…
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2020/09/06 0

Good progress on RISC-V simulator development

We have good progress, finished running 3 examples successfully. Go jump in to simulate some big examples.

2020/08/27 0

I think RISC-V gas has bug

Compiling instruction “csrrci x1,ucause,0x00” produce no bytes

2020/08/26 0

New Book

2020/08/23 0

SharePoint can’t login ad user (Resolved)

2020/08/19 0

RISC-V progress

RISC-V encoding part & decoding part of assembler and disassembler for imc are done.

2020/07/20 0

RISC-V disassembler can decode whole RV32IC

I think i can finish the RISC-V disassembler these two weeks. So far it can successfully decode RV32IC and ELF.

2020/07/04 0

Netbeans antlr plugin can format antlr source file

My netbeans antlr plugin finally can format antlr source code

2020/06/26 0

riscv green card is wrong

c.sub should be CA format, not CR

2020/06/21 0

Arduino output sine wave, it works

My Arduino board has built-in DAC, can output sine wave.

2020/06/14 0

ASSEMBLER MEETUP #42, 2020/05/30

Doing RISC-V assembler, this is our first decode screen

2020/05/30 0

Netbeans bug

Netbeans 11.3 + JDK 13.0.2 + FlatLaf Light theme. Missing character “l” in the package name. If mouse over, tooptip shows correct name.

2020/05/28 0

Pnp provision framework

Pnp provision framework has these steps: 01/20 – Regional Settings02/20 – Supported UI Languages03/20 – Audit Settings04/20 – Site Security05/20 – Fields06/20 – Content Types07/20 – List instances08/20 – Features09/20 – Page Contents10/20 – Client Side Page Contents11/20 – Site Header12/20 – Site Footer13/20 – Property bag entries14/20 – Workflows15/20 – Web Settings16/20 – Site…
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2020/05/27 0

6 hours to fix my antlr netbeans plugin

Used near 6 hours to fix my netbeans-antlr plugin. I have to remember these: Netbeans build in antlr library have to in-sync with the antlr i am using in my pluging. If they in different version, unexpected result will come out. In windows, if antlr grammar has some mistakes (I meant not problems, your grammar…
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2020/05/09 0