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finally bring up windows 7 in openstack

finally bring up windows 7 in openstack, one weird thing is : I don’t need to install virtio driver to make it works.

titan with windows 7
titan with windows 7

3 comments on finally bring up windows 7 in openstack

  1. Hello friend,

    Good to know your windows is running on Openstack Instance. May I know or give me the procedure so that I can run the windows to Openstack Instances ?

    Thanks in advence

    1. Hi Dhretiman
      The steps are:
      1) I use virt-manager in linux to create a VM. Because virt-manager use kvm, it is highly compatible with openstack too.
      2) download the virtio driver, you need this driver, otherwise openstack won’t able to detect the hardddisk.
      3) follow this step to install virtio driver and windows 7
      4) finally you got the VM image. Insert it into openstack by “glance image-create” command

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