bug that super hard to fix, but i fixed it

bug that super hard to fix, but i fixed it

2015/12/16 Kernel 0

!!! Nobody can read the dwarf specification and write the dwarf parser without hacking the binutils lab. Dwarf is just too complex and lots of algorithms in it. Now i can use peter-dwarf to parse out my c++ kernel. The dwarf stub that generated by c++ is *MUCH* more complex the c.


fixed these three big bugs:

1. handle zero terminator
if (length == 0) {
System.out.printf(“\n%x ZERO terminator\n\n”, saved_start – start);

2. loop shit bytes before real loop, dwarf.java, line 331

3. comment out wrong position code:

int oldPosition = eh_frame_bytes.position();
for (int z = 0; z < augmentationDataLength; z++) { augmentationData[z] = eh_frame_bytes.get(); //System.out.printf("%x ", augmentationData[z]); } /eh_frame_bytes.position(oldPosition);

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