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bug that super hard to fix, but i fixed it

!!! Nobody can read the dwarf specification and write the dwarf parser without hacking the binutils lab. Dwarf is just too complex and lots of algorithms in it. Now i can use peter-dwarf to parse out my c++ kernel. The dwarf stub that generated by c++ is *MUCH* more complex the c.

fixed these three big bugs:

1. handle zero terminator
if (length == 0) {
System.out.printf(“\n%x ZERO terminator\n\n”, saved_start – start);

2. loop shit bytes before real loop,, line 331

3. comment out wrong position code:

int oldPosition = eh_frame_bytes.position();
for (int z = 0; z < augmentationDataLength; z++) { augmentationData[z] = eh_frame_bytes.get(); //System.out.printf("%x ", augmentationData[z]); } /eh_frame_bytes.position(oldPosition);

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